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I write technical, web, marketing, and editorial content for software, retail, tourism, and publishing clients.  I’m in Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve worked with  Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Canadian Tourism Commission, NGRAIN Canada, A&B Sound, InPrint MediaThe Globe and Mail, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver Review, Outpost, and a number of smaller businesses and organizations whose vision I share.

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Beginnings in print and publishing

Born to an Austrian mother and a Goan-Indian father, Ulrike arrived in Canada at the age of six with an early curiosity about the English language.

She wrote for and then edited her high school newspaper, The Relayer; then wrote and edited the University of Guelph’s weekly The Ontarion while pursuing a B.A. in Cognitive Psychology (Consumer Studies). Her responsibilities as culture editor included entertainment, restaurant and music reviews as well as a regular culture column, “Furthur.”

In that time Ulrike also joined the staff of Media C publishing group as an intern writer and researcher. The Guelph-based company published regional lifestyle, business and womens magazines including Spare Time, Business Digest and Our Town.

After graduating, Ulrike became a Production Assistant with a nationally-distributed, special-interest magazine called Horse Sense. The magazine’s mid-1980s era, PC-based software introduced Ulrike to WYSIWYG electronic publishing.

She also freelanced as a writer and production artist for Spotlight magazine, a regional entertainment tabloid. Her monthly “Restaurantour” column described locally-owned, ethnic restaurants.

In order to redirect her career away from magazine publishing and towards marketing, Ulrike joined the design team of Urban Advertising and Design (Hamilton, ON) as a graphic artist. She worked on ad campaigns, brochures, billboards, packaging and point-of-sale signage for clients such as E.D. Smith, Dowbrands, Primo, J.I. Case, Andres Wine and Gilbey Canada. Ulrike also laid out English/French translations of several trade magazines.

Retail marketing, newspaper editing and web writing

In 1991 Ulrike moved to Vancouver, BC and promptly joined the in-house marketing department of retailer A&B Sound. In her six years with the expanding music/electronics company, Ulrike helped write, design and produce high-volume industry sales campaign creative including newspaper advertising, flyers, brochures, in-store signage, billboards and reports. She also took on responsibility for replacing the PMT camera and drafting tables of the design department with a nine-station Mac network with server.

Vancouver’s Georgia Straight newspaper (one of A&B Sound’s regular media outlets) invited Ulrike to join them in the newly-created role of Creative Supervisor. Ulrike worked as a creative, technical and administrative facilitator for the ten-person production team, and helped design display ads, campaigns and promotions. She also established and maintained a digital graphics database, introduced CD archiving, and FTP protocols.

After almost 15 years in publishing, Ulrike took a break in 1998 to solo-cycle southeast Asia. Upon her return Ingenuity Works (a Vancouver-based software company) selected Ulrike to join the Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey—a project promoting internet, heritage and cycling to Canadian school children—as a web reporter. Ulrike filed educational online content (with first-generation digital photography equipment) from host communities.

For the next few years Ulrike worked freelance and contract as a bike shop sales assistant, ESL instructor, tour guide, designer and writer. Print media outlets included The Province, The Georgia Straight, Momentum Magazine, Coast Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Outpost Magazine, and other alternative travel and culture publications.

New content for new media: QA, UI, a CMS, the CTC and GOA

In 2003 Ulrike joined InPrint Media Sales, Ltd. The B2B web start-up provided a subscriber service called “The Ad Wizard” to U.S. newspapers — it allowed their print advertisers to build, book and buy display ads from online templates. Over her six years there Ulrike facilitated the design team, provided QA for print and web content, and was promoted to Content Design Manager. Ulrike wrote all the company’s corporate, site and support materials; led the company’s marketing rebrand; QA tested useability and UI; and administered the CMS’s documentation and image databases.

Throughout that time Ulrike continued to freelance other projects including website content, marketing materials, blogs and the popular “The Adventures of Mitey Miss” column. The Government of Canada awarded her a writing contract with Canadian Tourism Commission’s “Keep Exploring” brand.

That year Ulrike also left IMSL returned to her roots in Goa, India. She lived there for six months and continued creating web content with a number of sites and blogs including the popular Girl Gone Goa: tales of travel, sex, magic and cycling in an Indian State and GoaCycles.org.

Ulrike has returned to Vancouver with a refreshed love of travel, cycling and writing. She is directing her diverse writing, design and marketing skills towards contract writing and web content. And once again, Ulrike is ready to take her passion for communication in a new direction and with a renewed enthusiasm in learning, growing, exploring, and cycling.

Technical Writer + Content Creator resume (HTML) (PDF).

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